Monday, November 27, 2006

Vegas, Baby

We've been contemplating a brief jaunt to Vegas for a while now. I've been hemming and hawing about the cost, but we finally bit the bullet and decided to go. I sent my friend an e-mail confirming our plans. Here is what I wrote:

Against my better judgment, we are set for Vegas-- airline tickets and all. Even if I'd wanted to cancel after you'd [my friend] purchased the non-refundable tickets to LOVE, I couldn't, because some time last week (or the week before?!) in an apparent moment of sleepless stupor I asked my mother in law if she'd watch the kids while we were in Vegas for a couple nights. And she responded with glee. Glee. How could I take that away from her? So suffer I must.

For not-quite-48 hours away from the kids, imbibing drinks I dare-not try at home, sleeping in, and enjoying a good show will just have to be my burden to bear. The things we do in the name of sacrifice.

I copied my husband on this e-mail (so he'd know I'd finally booked the tickets). His response to my friend? Sometimes she is a little intense.

Lest you think I'm hopping on a plane and leaving my babies-- even for a brief 43 hours-- any time in the very near future, worry not. The trip is still a couple months away. I'll still worry the whole time. When I'm not drunk, that is. (Just kidding, Mom. Of course I never get drunk!)

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