Friday, November 10, 2006

Marcie's First Real Word

I can't believe I forgot to post this earlier! Monday was Jason's birthday, and he wowed and amazed his family with a "kid trick" while he was there. For those of you unfamiliar with the term "kid trick," a kid trick is what we parents do to show off our kiddos. For instance, my nephew Joey is a talented actor. He is two now, but from the time he was around 18 months, he would show off his talents on cue. His dad would say, "Joey, show laughing." And Joey would laugh. He could do all sorts of things: laugh, cry, happy, sad, angry-- and even coy!

Anyway, Marcie has spoken her first real word. Any guesses?
It's not "dada." And interestingly, that's not a sound she makes very often-- she makes the "mama" sound more frequently. (And incidentally, mom-mom is the word for "food" in Cantonese-- as in, "Mommy, Marcie wants to eat mom-mom.")

It's not "all done," though she does know and use the sign-language for that.

It's not "no" or "stoppit," which is kind of surprising considering how often she hears those two words from Casey.

And it's not "kisses," which Marcie also knows-- and gives on command. In two languages (the word is "chin chin" in Mandarin).

Give up? That was a clue . . .

It's UP. Yup. She says, "up!"
So cool.

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