Monday, November 06, 2006

Toilet Discovery

No, this is not a post about poop (don't you think I have other things to worry about in life?!?). But it's probably even grosser. . .

This morning, Casey was throwing a fit when it was time for him to get dressed. Jason had carried him into his bedroom because he'd refused to go on his own. They were sitting on the floor, kind of arguing. I put Marcie down on my bedroom floor, and went into Casey's room. I told Jason I'd help Casey get dressed-- after all, that's our usual routine. Jason wasn't finished getting dressed, so I just assumed he'd go back to our bedroom to get dressed.

He didn't. Several minutes later, I went to check on Jason and Marcie. But neither of them were in the master bedroom. "Marcie, where are you?" I began calling out. I heard a splash. Then another splash. Then I saw Marcie. . .

Playing in the toilet water! So gross.

And yes, I know how dangerous it is not to have toilet locks. They don't fit the kind of toilet seats we have, and we are not in a position to purchase new toilets. We just have to remember to close bathroom doors.

Needless to say, Marcie got a good scrub-down and a change of clothes.

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