Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Poopy Blog Contest

Um. . . so this post is kinda about poop. But I promise not to get graphic (which is more than I can say for my husband, who decided to describe to me-- in detail-- the chunks in our son's poop while we were on the phone earlier, which was particularly yucky because I was eating my sandwich dinner at the time and no one likes to hear about poop even when they aren't eating).

When we were posting about Poop Watch 2006 from China, a friend of mine commented how it seems like life starts and ends with poop. Our parents obsess about it for us when we're babies . . . and then when we get old, we obsess about it ourselves. So parenthood is a precursor to aging in that respect, I guess. Anyway, I know I am not the only parent out there obsessing about my children's bowel movements (and why is it that Casey keeps pooping in the middle of the night in his sleep? I mean, he is wearing a diaper, but it's such a mess!!!). I know this because I have received e-mails from a couple of you telling me about your very own diaper blowouts. Or poop pellets. Or dog poo piles. I suppose I could interpret your willingness to share these very personal stories with me as an offense-- as if there is some significance in the fact that I'm the person with whom you discuss crap. Literally. But instead, I choose to feel flattered by it. After all, you can't talk about poop with just anyone, right?

So this brings me to the contest part of this post. Here's the Poopy Blog Contest scoop. You send me an e-mail including as few or as many of the best "poop" stories you can muster. Preferrably about a child in your life (your own, a niece or nephew, a kid you babysat, etc.). Preferrably not about yourself. Unless it's really funny, and I'll fall out of my chair because I'm laughing so hard. Anyway, your story can be about an exasperating experience, a time where poop almost led to vomit, a tale of hilarity-- it's really up to you. . . I don't know what the winner will win, but I will post my favorite poop stories on the blog. Is that enough of a reward? Is this too gross an idea to conceive? If ya'll hadn't already decided to start sending me poop stories of your volition, I wouldn't be considering this contest. But here we are. So write your story (or stories) and e-mail them to me (you can e-mail me by clicking the "E-mail me!" link here or in the bar to the right of the screen). There is no limit on the number of stories you send, but here are the rules:
1. they must be true stories
2. they can be from long ago or from recent
3. you must include your name and e-mail address in the e-mail to me
4. let me know in your "entry" if you want me to disclose your name and e-mail address on the blog
5. the deadline for submission is MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20th at 9pm PACIFIC time. This will give me time to select a winner before Thanksgiving
6. Also, I reserve the right to add and change rules as I deem appropriate.

Happy Pooply Blog Contest entry writing!

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Anonymous said...

So I'm sitting here after a long day at work, trying to keep 25 Concrete mixer drivers safe and productive. I'm eating my sandwich and reading my Daughter-In Law's Blog when what do I find, but yet another "POOP" story. Daughter, you must seek another form of recreation. This obsession you have with assorted bowel movements is not healthy. I know, to you, It's just another way to let off steam after another hectic day at work/school, but really, let's choose another topic. How about, umm, basket weaving, or maybe a lively discussion on the merits of collecting mismatched socks. I mean the way you sneeked that poop story in between Thomas Train adventures and the, the... oh wait, it was in between Thomas Train and Toilet Discovery. HHmm, this is worse than I thought. And now a Poopy Blog Contest??? Let me see if I can guess the prizes? 1st place gets a gold plated comode signed by Elvis. 2nd Place gets an all expense paid tour of Spanky's Portable toilet Company facility, and let's see, 3rd place gets a 12 pack of charmin and two boxes of Wet wipes!!

Love, Pop
P.S. If I tell you about my "poop" story do you promise not to tell grandma???