Friday, November 10, 2006

Day Out With Thomas

Today we took the kids to meet Thomas the Tank Engine up in Perris, California-- just north of Hemmet. It wasn't supposed to be insanely hot, but it was-- and I had dressed the kids in long sleeves. It didn't seem to dampen Casey's spirits, though.

We parked in this gigantic dirt lot and then walked (forever!) to get to the Orange Empire Railway, where we had tickets to ride Thomas. (Actually, no one rides Thomas because he just pushes or pulls the cabooses Annie and Clarabelle, but you get the idea.)

This is Jason and Casey riding in the train. One strange thing about the way they did things was that instead of the train going in a circle or something, it just went one-way out, then the other direction back. The kids don't care, of course-- it was just interesting.

After we rode in the caboose, we stopped to eat some lunch and then went to get Casey's picture with Thomas. Like the San Diego Fair, this place had all sorts of carnival food. By the way, what the heck is the purpose of deep frying a Snickers? Anyone tried one? Is it actually tasty?

There were all sorts of things-- a play area, arts & crafts, bouncy houses, live music. . . it could have been an all-day event. But by 1pm, Casey was very cranky (because he was so tired and ready for his nap). We stopped by Sir Topham Hat's tent, but we didn't wait in line to get a photo with him.

We finally left around 2pm-- it was actually a pretty full day. Casey is already asking to see Thomas again-- and we've just told him Thomas had to go home . . .

This is the kids as we are leaving the Railway.

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