Saturday, June 03, 2006

The (WHOLE) Timeline

Below is a list of the dates and what piece of the papework was completed. It took us almost three months from the time our homestudy was finished for China to receive our completed paperwork-- ah! The joys of bureaucracy. . . Anyway, this doesn't cover everything we did, but it's most of it:

11/3/2004 Submitted application to CCAI for adoption
11/3/2004 Sent away for birth certificates and marriage certificate
11/4/2004 Homestudy began
11/05/2004 Application accepted by CCAI
11/17/2004 I600A Petition to Adopt submitted to USCIS
11/19/2004 Employment verification for Karen completed
11/24/2004 Application for passports completed
11/24/2004 Clearance letters from the County Sheriff's Department
11/24/2005 Application for I171H filed
1/12/2005 Karen's physical completed
1/13/2005 Jason's employment verification letter completed
3/9/2005 Jason's physical completed
3/21/2005 Homestudy completed
4/5/2005 I171H issued
4/8/2005 Notarized all the paperwork
4/15/2005 Re-notarized all the paperwork
4/20/2005 Karen's certified birth certificate mailed to Danielle in NY (whose husband walked it through the consulate to authenticate it for us)
4/22/2005 County Clerk certification of the documents completed
4/25/2005 Secretary of State certification of notarized documents
4/25/2005 Submitted paperwork to Los Angeles Chinese Consulate for authentication
5/20/2005 Received paperwork from Consulate
5/21/2005 Photocopies of all paperwork for CCAI (our agency)
5/23/2005 Dossier received by CCAI (our agency) for review and translation
6/9/2005 Dossier mailed to China (DTC)
6/20/2005 Log-in Date (LID)-- this is the date China logged in our paperwork!

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