Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Welcome Marcie Shindig

I honestly don't remember that much from the Welcome Marcie party. It was all kind of a blur of people coming and going. Fortunately, my father in law snapped some photos of the event.

Marcie did really well with a house full of strangers (to her). The weather was gorgeous and warm. The boys got to run around and play on the straw bales in the backyard. There was plenty of food. Casey came to me at 2pm and said he was ready for his nap, which was amazing. Marcie also napped at her usual times. We got to see Lisa and Tito, who were LID to China January 1st of this year. I'm glad they could come meet Marcie. The wait has really dragged on for them, and it took them about a year to do the paperchase, so it must feel like it's really taking forever.

My parents were in town for the baptism and welcome Marcie party, which was really nice of them. We aren't planning on a big shindig for her first birthday, since it'll be in less than a month. We will do our own cake and ice cream, but I'm all partied out for now.

To view a slideshow of the shindig, select any of the photos below. This will take you outside blogger, so you'll have to use the back arrow in your browser window to return to the blog. Also, Flickr doesn't show you the captions in slideshow view, so you'll have to see the captions below the photos. Don't forget to return to the post to read about the rest of the weekend!

1. Casey and Cousin Joey running around on the straw bales in the backyard.
2. Casey running through the straw.
3. More straw fun.
4. Slid fun for Cousin Joey (no, we don't call him this-- we just call him Joey).
5. Some folks in the kitchen-- Pam, Ana, Manny, Joann, and Grandma S.
6. Keely & Kate-- Like Mother, Like Daughter-- I hope Keely doesn't kill me for including this one!
7. Patrick and his daughter Eva (I think Mother Maria was sitting right next to them, but just didn't get into this photo-- sorry Maria!).
8. Jason, Ann, and Christian chillin' in the warm weather and shade.
9. Ann, Al, Grandma S., and Tiffany grabbin' some grub.
10. Lisa and Grace chit chat while Matt drinks and Tito looks at photos from the orphanage (Lisa and Tito are LID 1-1-07, so keep them in your thoughts).
11. Marcie-- the girl of the hour.
12. Geoff with Katelyn.
13. Casey and Joey playing with some trains.
14. The cake we forgot to put out-- then forgot to snap a photo of until after we'd cut into it!

After the big welcome party, we hung around the house. My parents watched Casey and Joey while we all went out (gasp!) to a movie. I know-- can you believe it? Jason and I went to dinner on Friday night alone, too-- what a bonanza. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kids. But some day they will be out of the house and it will be just me and Jason, and I'd hate to look at him and ask, "Uh. . . who are you again?" So I'm a big fan of grown-up, alone time. At the same time, I've become pretty militant about bedtime routines, which means finding a trustworthy babysitter to get both kids off to bed at our house. So when my parents came to town, we jumped at the chance for some alone time. We joked that our whole married life, we have takled about children. First, about wanting them-- and how we'd make that happen, then about the adoption, then about Casey growing up, then about the adoption and Casey growing up. Now about Casey and Marcie. Strange how that works. We saw The Departed on Saturday night. Totally worth the overpriced movie tickets. Great cast. Interesting plot.

Then, on Sunday we met up with Bryan, Tram and Joey for lunch and took the boys to Red Robin at the mall. They got to run around before we ate. Marcie enjoyed the attention from her Aunt Tram during lunch. She gobbled up her baby food, then kept right on eating the grown up food with the rest of us! What a trooper.

So that about sums up the weekend. There is more to tell, of course-- what with Casey being home from school since FRIDAY. But that will have to wait for another post because Marcie is hungry.

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