Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Things You Aren't Supposed to Write About

This morning while I was trying to go to the bathroom, I had the funniest thing happen. Actually, I wasn't trying to go to the bathroom-- I was going to the bathroom. And that is why this post is something you aren't supposed to write about. Anyone who's spent any time with a child alone at home-- a mobile child who likes to get into trouble-- knows that you can't just leave the child roaming the house when nature calls. You have to bring the baby with you. So I did. I left her right outside the bathroom door, with a toy. And the door to the bathroom open so I could see her at all times.

But she doesn't like to sit still. So Marcie crawled over to me. Then the dog came bounding into the room-- I'm not sure how he got around the baby gate that was supposd to keep him in the family room, but he did. So here is the image:

There I was sitting on toilet with my pants pulled down roughly to my knees. Marcie had crawled in and was trying to pull herself up to a standing position, using my pants. Instead, she ended up back on her bottom, her hands on my pants, which were then tangled around my ankles. And there was our dog Pugasus-- sniffing Marcie's butt.

I totally laughed out loud at the picture. If I could find my camera and it weren't me on the toilet, I would have tried to snap a photo. Gotta love kids. And dogs. They sure do make life amusing.

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Danielle said...

I hear you on this one!
I do not remember the last time I used the restroom by myself....really....there is ALWAYS some little person there peering into the toilet, or asking to flush for me, or trying to see things that are just NONE of their business!!! Aaaah...motherhood.