Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tide Pools

My sister Megan was in town this week for a vacation. One of her good friends from college-- Sarah-- joined her. They did the "mellow San Diego" tour. On Friday, Casey had the day off from preschool. So we packed the kids in the sedan and we headed off to the tide pools in Pt. Loma-- the ones by Cabrillo National Monument. We hadn't been there since June 2005, and I was aiming to arrive at low tide, but I didn't exactly hit the mark! Instead, we go there around noon and saw what we could. This included a dead fish-- torn into its various parts of head (complete with teeth still in tact, though without any meat), a lobster whose head and tail had been separated, a crab, and a muscle. Megan, being environmentally conscious as she is, wanted to return the muscle to the exact spot where she'd located him. And just as she accomplished this mission, a huge wave rolled up and crashed over most of her and some of Sarah. Megan borrowed a cardigan from Sarah to wear as a skirt, and that's what she rode home in. I didn't snap a photo of her modified attire, but I did get some photos at the tide pools:

This is Megan and Sarah at the tide pools before they got blasted with the delicious salt water. Megan is on the right.

This is Megan showing Casey the crab she spotted in one of the tide pools.

This is Megan and Sarah retreating from the cold salt water after struck by the wave in their efforts to place the muscle back in its original location.

This is me with Casey and Marcie on our way back to the car from the tide pools.

After we got home, I decided I'd better try out Marcie's Halloween costume to make sure it actually fits. The girl is huge! This morning I put a pair of 18-month pants on her, which I had to roll up. I pulled them off her not 10 minutes later b/c they were way too tight on her thights and her bottom. Poor kid. Guess we're going to have to stick to soft (and flexible) cotton for now!

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