Saturday, October 28, 2006

It Finally Happened

Today was like any typical Saturday in quiet, idyllic suburbia. . . Ok. Let's try that again. Today was like any typical Saturday in . . . suburbia. I took Marcie to her Little Gym class at 8:15am. Jason took Casey to soccer at 9:00am. We met at home around 10:30am, and we decided it was time to get Casey a pair of dark shoes because he's been asking for his old (and too small) dark-colored shoes. We headed over to our local Target shopping center, where there is a Famous Footwear. Silly me, I said, "Hey! Look at these Cars shoes!" What an idiot-- Casey wouldn't even consider the black Sketchers a little further down the aisle. We told him they didn't have the Cars shoes in his size (which wasn't actually true), but he began insisting that he try them all on to see if they were too small. So we gave it. That's not to say Jason was too pleased with it-- but there you have it.

Next we wandered over to Target for an air purifier for Marcie's room. Normally I'd check out the Home Depot selection, but we have a whole lotta gift card money at Target. They didn't have the real hepa-filter we wanted, so we decided to head back home. . . Sort of.

Before getting in the car, Jason suggested lunch at Chicken Pie Diner-- a 50s place that stole our babysitter away from us. Not really. Well, kind of. Our babysitter Audie had been watching Casey for an entire school year every Wednesday night like clockwork-- with the occasional Friday or Saturday night gig. We paid around $9 per hour. But when summer came, she longed for a more regular job, and so she took a position as a hostess at the Chicken Pie Diner. We joked that she was better off working for us once or twice a week at $9/hour than at the Diner for minimum wage-- but we never said anything to her. Nothing wrong with a girl having some work ethic, you know. And she really wanted that job. We were sad to lose her, but we understood. Anyway, that's where we went for lunch, and she was there! Casey was thrilled to see her, and she got to meet Marcie, which was nice.

We swung back by the house to give Marcie a bottle and to change her clothes, then took the kids to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a few hours so we could go on a date. By the time we left, it was around 1:10 pm, and we had massage appointments for 2:15pm. It worked out just about perfectly. Post (glorious) massage, we retrieved the kids, changed them into their Halloween costumes and went off to a Halloween party/carnival with them.

That's when it finally happened. Walking through the parking lot, Casey in his Buzz Lightyear costume from last year (which he wore most of the day today) and Marcie in her ladybug outfit, Jason was trying to get me to answer a question. I don't even know what the question was, actually. All I know is that I turned back to look down at Casey's feet and at Jason to see what he was asking me about, and when I turned back around, it was too late. Bonk! I walked into the side door mirror of a very old, very large pickup truck. Fortunately there was a car parked right next to it for me to lean against, because I felt suddenly very dizzy and like crying. I didn't want to upset Casey, who as I fell against the car instantly began repeatedly asking, "Mommy okay? Mommy okay?" I am okay as it happens. But I do have a nice, bruised lump on my forehead. Thank goodness for bangs!

After the party we took the kids to Red Robin for dinner and then headed back home. I am supposed to be studying, but I had to stop and write because I just bent over to pick something up off the floor, and when the blood rushed to my forehead, it began throbbing. I had to chuckle at what a klutz I am. Seriously, who walks into the side mirror of a car and nearly knocks themself out? Apparently me.

In good news, today Daylight Savings is over! Now when Casey comes to wake me up at 6:00am, I won't be able to tell him, "Casey- it's pitch black out and the middle of the night. Go back to bed!"

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Danielle said...

Did I ever tell you about the time that I opened a big, oak door at work into my face and gave myself a concussion that had me out of work for 4 days?!? yup, yup, yup. I'm right there with ya' sister.