Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Recently Overheard

Kids say the darnedest things. I think there's a whole section on that in one of the parenting magazines. But I've decided to compile a very brief, recent list of what I've overheard these days (well, some of this is with the help of teachers, family members and friends-- they're good listeners, too).

Casey's teacher asked him: Casey, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Casey's reply: (Pregnant pause) Hmm. A SANDWICH!
Um. I think maybe he didn't understand the question. But doesn't it paint the most hilarious image in your mind? I just keep picturing him in a little Oscar Meyer Weiner Dog outfit, with his little head sticking out of the dog, just waving at people.

Casey was throwing toys in the classroom today.
As she observed something fly past her, one of his teachers says: Oh my, Casey. What is going on with the toys?!?
Casey replied: I don't know. I guess the toys are just falling from the sky!

Marcie threw her sippy cup off the table and onto the floor at a restaurant over the weekend. Without skipping a beat even though he was sitting on the other side of the table, Casey called out: FUMBLE! I'm not sure he knows what the word means, but he used it correctly!

This morning on the way to Grandma's house with Marcie, she squawked at me from the back seat: Mama! Mama! Us. (That's her word for bus.)
Me: Oh Marcie, what a smart girl! But that's not a bus, it's a truck.
Marcie: Us.
Me: No, Marcie. Truck. It's a truck. Truck.
Marcie: Us.
Me: Truck.
Slight pause.
Marcie: Uck.
Me: Yup. A truck.
Marcie: (Small giggle) Uck.
That's my girl.

I'm sure I'll think of more. I'd love to hear what crazy things your kids have come up with!


Anonymous said...

When my son was 5 he was scheduled to have his tonsils removed. On the drive to the hospital he asked "do you think they'll seduce me first?" My husband and I cracked up laughing and told him that yes, they would SEDATE him!!

Love reading your blog.
~Lorie from Canada~

KHS said...

KRIS says: :-) Art Linkletter wrote a book called "kids' say the darndest things" and
had a segment on his show interviewing kids -- probably in the 1950's. :-)

Young one....:-) Kris

Julie said...

I have no cute comments yet but I wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the posted ones.