Monday, March 26, 2007

Guess What We Found!

Way back when, in preparation for our trip to China, we set up Marcie's nursery. As you may (or may not) recall, we had a little . . . uh . . . difficulty because we couldn't find the screws to our crib. We ended up borrowing a crib from my brother Bryan and sister in law Tram. They are expecting a child in June, and although they don't plan to transition the new baby to the crib for about 6 months after the birth, we will be returning the crib in time for his (or her) birth. As it happens, Marcie is ready (we think) to transition out of her crib, and we'll begin that process in the next few weeks. (Yes. 16 months is early. But she is a climber. And she sleeps better in the bed than the crib. And Casey transitioned just fine at 18 months-- a mere week before he flipped himself out of the pack n play at his grandparents' house.)

Of course, given that we are about ready to break down this borrowed crib, what did we find in our study this weekend? Yup. The screws. Apparently we'd put them in a safe place so we would know right where to find them when we adopted our second child. No idea why we thought that we'd remember putting them on top of the filing cabinet in the back corner of a closet in the study would be the perfect spot for them. As you might imagine, we'll be taping them to the crib for future use . . .

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