Saturday, March 31, 2007

Our Social Butterfly

One of Casey's teachers called me yesterday just to fill me in on Casey's progress (how cool is that, by the way!). She was telling me how much he'd grown and improved -- how much better he pays attention now, and how well he is doing answering questions.

Here are some things I learned about Casey:
  • He will try new foods (!) at school-- she asks him to take a friendly bite before throwing it away, and he does. (As you might imagine, we'll be sending in some new foods in his lunch this week!)
  • He is very popular. He is the only child in the class who plays with all the children in the class-- boys and girls. In fact, just the other day he was "kickin' it with the girls in the kitchen." (Ah! Smart boy!)
  • He understands quite a lot and can sometimes answer two-part questions. Last week when the teacher asked who he loved and why, Casey said, "My mommy and daddy because they take care of me!"
  • He insists on taking off his shoes before nap time. But he takes them off and puts them back on by himself.
  • He can dress and undress himself on his own.
  • He can almost completely make his own bed (!) for nap time (which means putting a fitted sheet on the mattress/pad).
  • He is generally a happy kid, and all the teachers know who he is.

It's so nice to hear a positive report. I know that teachers get busy, whether they have 5 students or 180 students. And so special kudos to Casey's teacher for taking 20 minutes (!) to chat with me about how wonderful my son is!

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Jodie said...

Wow! Way to go Casey!! I wonder if the teachers realize just how much it means to us to hear how great our kids are doing at school! I can see you beaming with pride, Momma!