Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Daylight Savings

It's kicking my butt. I thought for sure my early risers would just sleep in later. Not so much. Now they want to climb in bed with us, under the warmth of our covers, and wiggle and giggle and keep us awake.

I'm not even sure what time Casey joined us. We didn't fall into bed until around 2:00am this morning, and he was there, squishing me in the space between him and Jason when Marcie woke up around 5:15am. Jason went to calm her and ended up bringing her to bed, where she bounced on my stomach and called out, "Daddy." I took her back to her bed around 5:30am and fell asleep with her until I was starting my date late. Again.

Casey joined us in the early morning hours yesterday, too. When I got up with Marcie, he decided to take over most of the bed. Marcie and I came in to wake up Casey, and there was Jason-- huddled in a tiny corner while Casey sprawled regally across the rest of the surface. I should have snapped a photo.

How are you all doing with the change in time? I'm really missing having sunshine-- or even just light, really-- to help me wake up.

Oh. And Marcie is sick. A slight fever we're watching. And a cough. I suppose it could be teething, but she pretty much has all her teeth. When she gets sick, she is really fussy. I don't blame her. She's not too sick to tell me she wants nilk. And when she finishes on sippy cup full, she signs and says "more" simultaneously. She continues to amaze and impress us every day.

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Femeros said...

I, too, am feeling the loss of morning hours to help wake me up. Fortuntately, my work place is pretty lax about being to work on time.