Friday, March 09, 2007

Home Sick

Casey's preschool called this morning. They started by telling me they thought he had a fever. 99.1. Uh. That's not a fever for Casey. So I asked them to tell me more. They described him as listless, tired, sitting with his head down, asking to lay down. Just not himself. No complaints about anything hurting. Just not himself.

He's been home with me since.
We watched Alladin and ate Cheeze-its. Jason gave him popcorn for lunch. He wasn't going to eat anything else, and we figured some calories were better than none. We watched Alladin. We put new batteries in his trains so he could play. We observed the trash truck from our front window. We folded some laundry. And Jason even let him eat MnMs for dessert from his popcorn lunch.

He's still listless. Nothing we can specifically pinpoint. Just not himself. Maybe he's depressed? I don't know why he'd be depressed. But could that be it? Can a four year old get depressed?

It's nap time now, and I'll go lay down with him and count with him to help him fall asleep.

What do you think are the odds that come Monday he'll tell us he doesn't feel well and he wants Mommy to stay home with him again? But I'm hoping that this little bit of TLC will fill whatever need it is he has today . . .

Gosh he sure is cute. Even when he's needy.

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AmandaD said...

Listless. Gives me shivers. Our daughter recently picked up the phrase, "I don't care." It kills me. We are trying to say, "It's up to you," now so that, "I don't care" goes away.
Good luck with Casey. Maybe, since you are lucky enough to live in a sunny place, you could sandwich daycare with walks. A special walk in the am before you leave and then the promise of a pm walk. That way he still gets special time.