Sunday, February 04, 2007

Riding the Red Trolley

Casey finally earned enough stickers to get a ride on the San Diego trolley, so this morning we gathered up the kids and took the trolley to Seaport Village to ride the carousel. Here are some photos:

This is them-- all loaded up and ready to head for the trolley station!

This is Casey waiting for the "red train" at Fashion Valley. He was surprisingly good about staying seated until the trolley came to a complete stop for us to get on it!

We climbed aboard one of the newer cars on our way downtown. The seats were super nice and comfortable.

Once we got to American Plaza, we stopped off at Starbucks for some snacks. Marcie and Casey shared a banana nut loaf, and Casey and Jason got coffee. (Actually, Casey's coffee is really chocolate milk in one of those children's sized hot chocolate cups-- but whatever.)

When we got to Seaport Village, we decided to ride the carousel. Casey's not a big fan, it turns out. Though he's smiling for this picture, I had to hope of my horse with Marcie to stand next to him right after this. Marcie, on the other hand, loved the "up" and "down" of the horse, and continued patting the horse on the head and calling it a "doggie."

Marcie sure does look surprised by the camera here-- It finally dawned on me to sit her WITH Casey so that he would feel more comfortable and she'd be able to ride the horse up and down!

On our way back to our car, we ate lunch at Santa Fe Station while we waited for the trolley. While we were waiting for the red trolley, Casey notice the blue train (the coaster) and asked to ride that. So now we have a new goal to work toward-- lunch in Carlsbad!

Even though this is the same Starbucks bag from before, Marcie is actually eating broken up pieces of her peanut butter and jelly sandwich here.
And I did manage to capture some video on my camera while we were out and about. For the bemused acceptance video click here. For the Say hi to the camera video click here.


Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, your children are adorable!

We adopted our son through a private, domestic adoption. We're exploring our options for adoption #2.

Anonymous said...

i don't think i have ever heard casey's voice. and how funny to have him show bemused acceptance.

such a cute video.

alison frm dallas.