Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Pumpkin Marcie

I've devoted a lot of time recently discussing Casey. You shouldn't take this to mean a lack of interest in or focus on Marcie. Quite the contrary. So if you're wondering, here's what she's up to:

She broke two more teeth (bottom molars!)
She has added quite a lot of words to her vocabulary:
  • woof
  • dog
  • bird
  • ball
  • bubbles

And she's still calling Casey "big brother" in Mandarin.

She also brushes her hair, carries a bag like a purse, hugs stuffed animals to her chest, and lets Casey know when she's mad at him by crouching directly in front of him and screeching into his face.

Oh. And she is a food pirate. If you're eating, she'll drop what she has to grab for it.

Marcie is also incredibly skilled at wiggling out of laps, holding something in her hand and waving her arm around in just the right way so that you can't get it out of her hand, and riding her car ride-on toy. It is rare to see her sitting still-- in fact, I was amazed at her demands that Casey's godmother Ann read her the book Art this weekend. She insisted on turning the pages herself, and even after Ann left, Marcie wanted to read the book again and again.

My favorite thing, though, was this morning-- when Casey was laying in my bed and Marcie entered the room. He called out, "Maaaaar-ciiiiiiie! Come here, Punkin!" And she did. And they hugged. And kissed each other. Now where is the video camera when you really need it?!?


Jodie said...

Awww, that's so cute! It always seems they do the cutest or funniest things when there is no video camera in sight. But it's good to write these things down, so you'll remember!

Ann said...

That's adorable! It was so amazing to watch both kids and how much they grow and change between my visits!

Femeros said...

That is so precious. It's great to hear the kids are so affectionate with each other (sometimes *wink*). Your family is awesome!