Sunday, February 11, 2007

Chaos? Exhaustion? Just a whole lotta fun?

Sorry I've been out of blogging commission for the weekend. I can hardly believe how much the girls have grown! I'll upload photos and write more later, but here are the highlights:

I arrived home Thursday evening to a house full-- boisterous activity. Lasagna. Some short conversations. Marcie was sleeping with us, and she wasn't happy about being put down in a pack n play in our bedroom, but she eventually fell asleep (with me patting her on the back, my arm stretched over the edge of the pack n play while this occurred).

Marcie wasn't the only one who had trouble falling asleep. Cassidy circled the crib. Literally. Apparently she woke up several times during the night, stared at her parents (in the bed next to the crib) and fell over, back to sleep.

Ava wins the weekend award for best sleeper. That girl can sleep! She goes to bed between 8:00pm and 8:30pm and sleeps like 11 hours! Lest you feel any jealousy for Ava's mom, though, don't. Ava's brother Caedmon (three months younger) keeps poor Joia up all hours of the night-- I think the night he was up only twice was a new record in fewest number of times. At least recently.

I will note, with great joy, that despite the first night's difficulty in putting Marcie to bed, she slept all the way through the night all three nights. No 4am feeding! I'm keeping my fingers crossed this sticks. My next goal is to get Casey out of my bed! He actually told me at one point (I was in the middle of our queen sized bed, between him in Jason): Mommy, move over. You're squishing me! I'm squishing him?!? That's a laugh!

Friday we headed over to Sea World. We caught the dolphin show, saw Shamu, explored the shark tank and saw sea turtles and manatees. Joia and her 5-year-old Jack experienced the very wet Atlantis ride (covered in water-proof ponchos) twice. Casey certainly gave me a run for my money. Thank goodness I had the double stroller to strap him into. His poor impulse control got the better of me, and he took off chasing birds twice. Thankfully Brad and Larry helped me wrangle him in.

Friday night Gene (who we met in China) arrived in town, and he joined us for dinner. Chicken, broccoli and rice. That was nice.

Saturday we went to watch Brad and Gene of Apex Ministries perform their show at a Catholic Youth Conference. Casey-- our child who ran around Sea World uncontrollably Friday, sat mesmerized by Brad's juggling. Unfortunately, his stillness did not accompany us to the beach, where we set off to picnic for lunch. Instead, we had to leave our friends behind because Casey couldn't keep from throwing things at the birds (shoes, socks, rocks-- whatever was lying around). And it was probably just as well-- Marcie was just about to eat a hand full of sand anyway.

Sunday it rained. We went to the Reuben H. Fleet Space Museum-- apparently with the rest of San Diego! The kids played a bit in the Kids Play exhibit. And we got to see grossology. Oh, and we ate at Waters, which is yummy. But there was that moment of panic when Casey disappeared. In his defense, he headed to the bathroom because he really had to go. But he should have said something first.

So there are more things to share, but I didn't want to lose track of the basics. I must say my personal favorites of the weekend were (in no particular order):
  1. Having someone make a Starbucks run every morning to bring us delicious coffee treats.
  2. Comparing what our pediatricians have told us and seeing how much the girls have grown.
  3. Sharing stories/remembering the trip to China-- if nothing else, I hope we repeat this in front of the girls so that they "relive" the experience with us again and again
  4. Seeing Brad and Gene perform live
  5. Getting to know Brad and Joia and Larry and Kyndra a little better
  6. Having Larry and Kyndra all over the dishes (I didn't do very much dish-washing this weekend!)
I don't know how they all felt staying at our house-- any time you bring together 6 adults and 8 children in a 4-bedroom, one-story, 1700 square foot home, you're bound for a little bit of chaos, perhaps some exhaustion, and a whole lotta fun. And that's just what we got! And I sure am glad!

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