Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

Dear Grandma H,

Thank you for the yummy Valentine's treats. Casey and I tore open our cards on Valentine's Eve to see who the package was from. I carried mine around the house until bedtime. I tried to take Casey's card, too-- because I love the color red. But he wouldn't let me have it. I tried screaming at him to make him give it to me, but he just screamed right back.

On Valentine's morning, I chewed on my card all the way to Grandma S's house. Mommy let me carry the packaged cookie in the car, too. But she didn't let me eat it until after dinner on Valentine's night.

Casey got to eat some of his chocolate race cars that you sent-- but he wouldn't share them with me. Mommy said he didn't have to because they were a special gift from you and Grandpa. But she also told me I didn't have to share my cookie with him either, so that was okay. Plus Mommy and Daddy bought us both MnMs, so I got my chocolate fill just fine.

It sure was a yummy cookie. Mommy took some pictures of me eating it. Why is Mommy always taking funny pictures of me eating?

Anyway, we miss you Grandma. When are you going to come visit us again? I hope it's soon!



P.S. The shirt in the first picture really does say "Marcie" in Chinese characters. I got it as a present from my friend Amelia for Casey's birthday. Mommy thought it might say something crazy like "Happy Restaurant" because most Americans can't read Chinese characters anyway. But Grandma S told her it really does say "Marcie." I guess the characters make the sound Marcie because Marcie isn't a real word in Chinese. It's still pretty neat, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

You're welcome! We're sure glad you enjoyed your treats. It's a good thing Mommy keeps taking pictures. I would love to see you and Casey again; maybe after Jury Duty is done. Love and Kisses, Grandma H

Anonymous said...

what a nice letter frm marcie. she's so prolific at such an early age!

alison frm dallas