Wednesday, December 12, 2007

School Pictures

I never uploaded my kids' beautiful school pictures. At long last, see for yourself:

Below is one of our favorites, though we didn't order any prints. We think it's hilarious because it shows exactly who Casey and Marcie are. Casey is sticking his tongue through his lips making a "nuuuh!" sound, and Marcie is laughing at him. It's them at their most playful, captured on film. Of course, if you don't know Casey, he just looks silly-- but anyone who knows him and knows this sound, which often accompanies him crying out, "CASEY MOO!" (we don't know why, it's just his thing), knows what I mean. Casey is definitely a character. And Marcie loves him for it-- really, who doesn't?


:::delinda::: said...

Aw, they are so freakin' cute. Good work on the outfits K! They look very nice against the backdrop.

Glen and Andrea said...

Those two are too cute!

Femeros said...