Sunday, December 09, 2007

How We Spent Our Sunday

After the fact, all loaded up and ready to go home:

And back at our house:

We haven't named the car yet or anything. It was a long process, the kids were running around throwing paper airplanes and eating popcorn. But the sales people were patient. And let's just say it's good we can multi-task because we caught a couple significant financial errors on the paperwork, which were of course corrected before we signed anything.

And for the record, this was Jason's choice of vehicle. This is his car. I have now officially inherited the Black Camry with the Valente School jiu jitsu sticker on the rear window. Both a color car I didn't want and a sticker unrelated to me. But he has been driving around with a Delta Delta Delta license plate frame for a year now on the Accord, so I suppose it's only fair. And honestly, I feel lucky he wanted the mini van and not the pilot. The pilot's a fantastic vehicle, mind you, but I have to heave myself up into it. So Jason's considerate of my height if nothing else.


Jeff said...

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Femeros said...

So, does that make Jason a soccer dad?