Thursday, August 02, 2007

Auto Out of Office Reply

They don't really have one of these for blogs. If they did, it would read:
I'm out of the blogsphere for a short stint, experiencing new things to write about so this blog doesn't become stale. I hope you'll forgive the short hiatus and check back in a week to hear all about my latest adventures!

Here's the deal:

We're off on our trip tomorrow (actually today-- in about five hours. Good lord, I hope the kids sleep on the plane because I'm obviously going to be exhausted!). I don't know what my computer access will be while I'm away or how much time I'll have to write.

I expect to post a blog update within the week though-- my guess is next Tuesday (the 7th) at the latest. I'll have lots to tell about. I'm a little nervous about what to do with the kids on the plane. I've packed sufficient snacks, though-- so many, in fact, there's no room for Harry Potter (but that won't stop me from bringing his last book along).


Julie said...

Have a great trip! I look forward to hearing about it.

Amanda said...

Happy travels!