Tuesday, July 31, 2007

In Your Carry On . . .

So, in honor of our pending trip across country, I decided to look up the TSA Regulations for what we can carry on so that I don't have to throw away a bunch of stuff when we try to pass through the security check-point. Mainly, I wanted to know if I could bring soy milk for Marcie (it's not listed as a permissible liquid in amounts greater than 3 oz., but baby formula and juice are, so I'm going to bring a box of it anyway, and if they may be toss it, so be it).

I was surprised to discover there have been some changes in the TSA regulations.

Most notable is that I am now permitted to bring scissors with metal tips that measure less than 4 inches in length. I used to travel with small scissors pre-children (and pre-9-11, obviously) because I cross-stitched on the plane. My very sharp Fiskars are a fraction or two under the two-inch mark. But man are those things sharp. I wasn't planning to bring scissors, but then when I saw that screwdrivers 7 inches in length or shorter are permitted in carry-on bags, I began to think maybe I should bring my puny scissors for protection. You know, just in case we need them on the plane. (I don't want to be too explicit here for fear I'll trigger some red alert and screw myself out of the trip!)

Then I decided to read what items are not allowed in your carry on. I was pleased to learn that swords and sabers are among the list of prohibited items. Along with cattle prods, throwing stars, and axes or hatchets. Geez. What kinds of items were people bringing on airplanes before?

In any event, I know I'll be safe. As long as I have my trusty Fiskars nearby. Heh heh.

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