Monday, July 23, 2007

And Life Goes On

Even in the midst of the dreaded Bar Exam studying, my life has had its moments of complete normalcy. On the first day of the bar review course, they make a point to those of us with kids that we should essentially ignore them, let whomever is watching them know not to contact us unless they are bleeding. I don't know. Perhaps I'll regret not heeding this advice, particularly if I don't pass the test, but I just couldn't bring myself to ignore them. I've certainly neglected them to some degree, but I've tried to maintain the tiniest amount of, well, normalcy, too.

Here is some evidence:

Um, guess who found my lipstick?

Last night at Red Robin with Joey, helping celebrate his third birthday (which is today):


Anonymous said...

I am going mad studying for the bar, too. I am doing it from home, though. I would have been pretty mad if someone told me to ignore my daughter! :) No way, no how. I'll be taking it again in February before that happens. Good luck! Is your tomorrow? Mine is Wed. and Thurs. I have, sadly, also had to put off reading Harry Potter until it is over. I am counting down the days. This time, in 3 days, I will be finished with it. I actually hung my diploma on the wall as motivation. :) How silly is that? I feel like, if I can do that, I can do this!

I didn't know you were adopting again. Congratulations. I look forward to hearing about it. There is a kids book about adopting from China that I found at the library the other day. It made me think of you. I can't recall the title... have you seen something like that? It's a picture book. It's a cute one.

Good luck with the bar! We will both need it!

Melanie (K) B.

Nell said...

What beautiful children!

Julie said...

These are such great new photos. The kids don't look like they are suffering too much by all your studying. When is your exam?