Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vacation Photos (at long last)

I'm attempting something new here . . . something Picasa offers that I haven't tried before. Making photo collages. I think if you click the collage, it will get bigger on your screen so you can see the photos better.

It was hard to select pictures. I took 481 photos in the month of August (and it's only the 22nd!). But here's what I narrowed it down to:


These are photos of Casey with extended birth family, including extended birth family. In one photo, you see him with his great Grandma Davis. In another, he is holding a week-old kitten.

We kept busy while we visited in Ohio-- from a water park, to football in the yard, to riding the dune buggy, to playing with cars, to visiting the science museum, to just hanging around and having fun together!


Left to right: Central Park; Central Park; Karen with an MnM; Time Square; Tony's Italian Restaurant; FDNY Memorial; subway (taken for Casey); firefighters (taken for Casey); Hershey billboard.


Visiting the trains in Spencer. Casey rode in the engine, then we visited the roundhouse and the other trains.

Left to right: Casey riding a scooter; Grandpa H with Casey and Marcie; Grandpa with Marcie, me pushing Marcie on the scooter; Casey on the swing; Jason with Marcie; Casey climbing; Grandma H with Marcie blowing bubbles; Marcie blowing bubbles all by herself.

These are all photos of the kids keeping cool during the heat wave that hit North Carolina.

Painting in the kitchen; the golf course pond near my parents' house; Marcie removing her bandanna; Marcie playing at the mall; Marcie dragging her Peanut Puppy Build-a-Bear box through the mall; Casey and then Marcie playing in water at the Nature Museum; Casey performing a puppet show; Marcie sporting her new sunglasses.

I think that gives you enough of a sense of how busy the kids were. . . I should be tired from the trip, but I'm not. Strange. Honestly, I just really enjoyed the ability to completely enjoy being with the kids, unfettered by work or school or anything. I just loved watching them, playing with them, being with them. And it didn't hurt that my mom let me sleep in every day, either!


Anonymous said...

is 481 photos a record? it looks like such a fun trip!!!

alison frm dallas

Anonymous said...

Those are so great! The pics will help remind the kids when they are older that you actually dragged them around to all of these cool places and made a fun vaction for them. Julie