Thursday, August 16, 2007

Some Pictures (at long last)

Some time last week I promised to upload some photos of our trip. Unfortunately, I sent the card reader home with Jason, so I don't have any way to get any of my pictures onto a computer here. Fortunately, my parents have taken some snapshots and are giving me free reign over the computer where they are stored. So, finally, here are some pictures:
Apparently we arrived in North Carolina along with a huge heat wave. It hasn't rained in a couple weeks, and the temperatures have consistently been in the 100 degree range. That means that outdoor play is virtually unhealthy, leaving us to seek refuge in air conditioned places or outdoor places with water and/or shade. To combat the heat-- and potential boredom of playing inside, we have taken to hitting the pool each afternoon after nap time. Here's Marcie floating around in her ring.

While Jason and I were in New York, my parents kept the kids on their feet. I think this is the Discovery Place. I just like the picture of Casey-- I think he looks so grown up here-- except for the doll house in the background, of course.

The morning Jason left, it was cool enough to head over to Jetton Park, where we hunted for ducks along the shore of Lake Norman and let Casey ride the scooter. He refused to be in our family picture, as luck seems to always have it. But Marcie sure looks cute with us. She recognizes herself in the picture, by the way. Even calls herself "Marcie" now.

The kids have had Dairy Queen soft serve twice now. They prefer chocolate. Marcie will eat the cone with her hands, but this is a little less messy, I guess (not much, though!)

Casey road in the engine he's standing in front of. It was quite loud inside, and the whole time he clung to my dad for dear life and repeatedly expressed his desire to be done with it. When the ride was over, though, he told us he'd ridden in the train engine and that it was "awesome." It's too bad he only seemed to enjoy it in retrospect. It was a great experience anyway. We also went to the round house and road the turn table. He thought that was too loud, too. It figures. The kid loves trains, and he'll talk about the experience like it's the best thing that's ever happened-- but he sure didn't act that way while he was there!

My friend Danielle of South Cackalie (check out her blog by clicking the link on the menu bar) came to visit us for a couple days with her kids Emma and Nicky. Her oldest child, Emma, and Casey really hit it off. My parents treated us all to an afternoon at Carowinds (in South Carolina) while they were here, and the kids really had a blast. This is Casey and Emma in front of my mom, Marcie, and me on the Dora the Explorer train ride. Danielle and Nicky sat it out because he wanted to wiggle all over the train car. . .

When we first got to Carowinds, Casey was a cautious ride-goer. The first time on this airplane ride, he really hunkered down and clung to the rail. The ride probably goes less than 5 miles per hour. A lot less. By the end of the day, though, he was riding it with his hands in the air like he was on a giant roller coaster. Speaking of roller coasters, he rode one at his request with my dad. I don't think he'll be doing that again any time soon! And he also road the log ride-- for which I was very proud of him. And he was proud of himself, too. There's a big drop at the end, and he did great on it!

Marcie also took ride-going a bit seriously. She really wanted to go on this boat ride, during which she turned her wheel carefully and rang the bell repeatedly. She really had a good time.

Here's Nicky with Marcie after dinner. He's such a happy kid-- always a ready smile!

And here is Emma and Casey. They spent a lot of time dragging each other around like this-- they really were two peas in a pod.
So those are some highlights. There's a lot more to write about-- and show, but I think this will take care of some of your curiosity!

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