Sunday, June 10, 2007

Stealing Moments

I never imagined I could feel busier than I did while working, helping raise two children, and attending law school at night. But I do. I spent hours upon hours listening to lectures, then in the library. Then I come home to a quiet house and try to study some more. I find myself looking forward (!) to being startled out of a deep sleep somewhere between 5:45am and 6:15am because it's my special (and most days of late) only time with them.

I was really looking forward to this morning because it's been a full week since I've had more than 2 hours in a row to play with them. . .

This morning, while we were outside adjusting the bubble machine, I noticed a lizard on the back fence. "Casey," I whispered loudly. "Look at that lizard." I pointed to it just as the lizard rose up on what I imagine to be its tippy toes, and scurried a bit.

"Come on, Mommy," he whispered loudly back. But I didn't have my shoes on, and I feared if I went inside to find some (wherever Marcie had hidden them), I wouldn't make it back in time to get an up-close view of our lizard friend.

"No, Casey. You go. Before it runs away."

He hesitated. Then looked back and forth between me and the lizard, and finally he grabbed Marcie's hand and whispered loudly to her, "Come on, Marcie. Let's go see the wizard." She held his hand tightly as they slowly stepped across the dead patches of what used to be grass in our backyard. And they came to a stop about a foot and a half from the fence. I could still hear Casey, though, as he whispered to Marcie, "We have to be very quiet and very slow so we don't scare the wizard." (yeah, sometimes his Ls are a lot like his Ws)

I actually got choked up. I'm sure that has nothing to do with being over-tired. But seriously, how cute is that! To see my 4 year old taking such good care of my 18-month-old. To see him behave in such a gentle way. To see him teach her something he'd learned.

I am so grateful I got to steal that moment with the kids. . .

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AmandaD said...

Precious, and well earned. Good job mama.