Saturday, June 16, 2007

Little Gym Show Week

So this was the last week of Marcie's Little Gym class. We've missed the past three weeks-- two because I was in bar review class and one for graduation. But we made it back in time for Marcie to accept her award. She cried during each "skill" activity. I think that was in small part because I let her head roll off the balance beam when she was doing her forward roll on it. It' s not as awful as it sounds-- Miss Ashley was right there and gave Marcie's head support-- but I think it freaked her out. And it was the first skill we did, so then she was timid with me the rest of the time (I can't imagine why!). She did manage the pull over on the bar-- but, again she cried during it. She nailed the forward rolls on the air track and the floor. And she kicked ball after ball and dropped them in the basketball hoop. She (finally) notice the bubbles during bubble time and ran through them in wonderment. And during the "awards" part of class, she ran right up to Miss Ashley to get her ribbon, which she wore on her wrist for the closing song and stamp.

I was kicking myself for forgetting the camera. But I just now remembered that I actually did have it with me in my bag. I'm feeling even more stupid for having it and not using it than I felt when I just thought I didn't have it. Such is life. Her new class starts next weekend-- so I'll just have to be sure to get some photos of her then.

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