Saturday, June 23, 2007

Shoes -- now with pictures

I. love. shoes. Just ask my dad. Or my husband. I love them. I love shopping for them. I love having them. And they last me forever. Seriously, I think I may even have a couple of pairs of shoes from high school still. I know I have some from college. And I graduated 12 years ago.

And I should confess that I don't have a lot of fancy, trendy, cool shoes. I have lots and lots of practical casual and work shoes. Truly. I have three pairs of black heels. One pair of black flats. Two pairs of black slides. Two pairs of black sling-backs (one is totally impractical and purchased on a whim two summers ago). And four pairs of black sandals. Oh. plus a pair of black mary janes and two pairs of black oxford-style lace-ups. That's just the black shoes. Not the tennis shoes, the red shoes (I actually have three pairs of red shoes), or the brown shoes. And that doesn't include flip flops.

I actually have really flat feet. And bunions. So I can't wear high heels without pain for any extended period of time, which means for longer than about an hour (which is too bad because I'm only five feet tall). But I still love shoes. I love them because no matter how tall you are (or how short), no matter how fat you are (or how thin), no matter what color your skin is-- shoes look good on everyone. They are fantastic to shop for. You rarely have to get all angry and depressed because "nothing fits." You can always find something to fit!

Well, all my shoe-wearing has really rubbed off on the kids. I've written before about how much Casey loves shoes. He has quite a shoe collection. And not be sexist, but I think it surprises me because he's a boy. He has two pairs of Lightning McQueen shoes, some Spiderman shoes, some Buzz Lightyear shoes, some Thomas shoes, and Spiderman sandals. He loves shopping for shoes. And wearing mine around the house.

Lately, I've been finding shoes all over the place. And not because of Casey, actually. Marcie has taken a shine to shoe-modeling, too. This morning I found a black flat under her highchair. I haven't worn it since April. She dug it out of my closet and clomped around the house with it, then discarded it when she got distracted by some other toy. The other day, I couldn't go to the gym because I couldn't find one of my running shoes. It was in her bedroom, next to her bed.

I can't say I'm displeased about this. I'm not. A little irritated maybe, but not unhappy. But this weekend, there has been a new interest in my flip flops. They are very comfortable flip flops-- I'm kind of picky about the piece that goes between the two toes, and this one is very soft. Marcie's been wearing them around my bedroom without putting her toes in them for a while. But Casey's interest is kind of new. Last night, Casey insisted on wearing them during story time. And this morning, Marcie and Casey got in a big fight over who could wear them. Which was really a shame because I wanted to wear them, much to their dismay.

So I took Casey to the store to see if we could find him some flip flops in his own size. And we did! I was surprised to discover three styles in his size. He picked some out, slid them on, and out the door we went. He's a little stiff walking in them still, but very excited about them. I'll post a picture of them a little later on . . .

Oh, and don't worry-- Marcie got some new shoes, too. I certainly wouldn't want to walk away empty-handed for her. She's wearing her new sandals (black with pink) as I type . . .

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Andrea (boston) said...

Hey, good place for kid flip flops- Old Navy. I've seen them there with a sling around the back so they don't fall off when the kiddies try to run in them. check it out when you have time, ha ha ha!