Friday, June 29, 2007

Hoofing it to China

I'm thinking it'll be a while before we make it back to China for B.S. #3, as I call her. I know BS isn't the nicest name in the world, but it works for me for now. I know "she" may really be a "he," but in Chinese they don't even have pronouns, so I'm not going to worry about that, either.

I'm sitting here in the library, taking a very short break in between writing out practice essay exams (each essay takes an hour to complete, more or less). And I have been contemplating lately how lazy I feel this summer. Not because I haven't been mentally busy-- oh my, I have. My brain is so full, I'm seriously surprised I remember my own name. But I've been feeling antsy for exercise lately.

When Marcie first came home, I had a lot of time with her, and she and I walked at least 3 days a week, around 45 minutes up and around the hills of our area each time. I'm sure it wasn't as cardiovascularly challenging as all the running I'd been doing prior to meeting Marcie in person, but it was exercise-- and that, for me, is the key to keeping the stress low and the weight off. So when I went back to work and stopped exercising with Marcie, I just completely stopped exercising. Not good. Not good at all. I'm not back in my "fat clothes" or anything, but I'm not in my fun clothes for the time being either.

So I'm getting back on the exercise horse. It's hard with kids. Marcie weighs around 30 pounds and pushing her in a stroller is work on a flat surface, forget the hills in my neighborhood! Add Casey's 37 pounds to the double stroller and the 13 pounds of the stroller itself and I'm pushing almost 80% of my own total weight. This is just too difficult. So I'm going to have to be creative. But darnit if I can't fit into my "fun" clothes when I return to work in August after the bar.

Anyway, to help me on my goal of exercise-- which I believe is good for the body and for the mind-- I'm going to hoof it to China. Seriously.

I looked it up. From San Diego to Guangzhou is 7,348 miles (direct). I don't know where we'll find BS in China, but I know we'll eventually land in Guangzhou for the visa, so I figure that's a safe place to aim for as a goal. And even though 7,348 miles is pretty far, I've probably got at least 3 years in which to do it. That distance over three years works out roughly to 204 miles each month. Hmm. That's 51 miles a week. Maybe I need to re-think this. . . that's probably not a particularly realistic goal. (Good thing we'll actually be flying there and not walking!) But maybe you can help. Maybe if I can get some people to walk with me (figuratively, mind you), we can collectively make it to China-- heck, maybe we can make it to China and BACK. And let's say we won't just count distance we walk or run-- but let's throw in biking and stairmastering and crosstraining, too. Think we can do it?

Anyone up for the challenge?


Brad & Joia said...

Oooo...I am! I would love to complete that goal with you. With my recent job at Starbucks (don't ask) I think I may have gained at least 10 pounds...and I haven't exercised since Ava came home either (not good). What's the plan??

Carolyn said...

Hi! Just came across your blog from the CrazyHipMamas ring. Your kids are very cute. We're expecting to get our 3rd child in August- he's in China now, too. Best of luck with your bar exams.

Julie said...

(gulp!) okay I'm in. Do we have a schedule? Do I have to keep up with you?!!

Anonymous said...

does swimming count? i am avging 1/2 mile a day 3-4 days a week? not much i know....but every 1/2 mile counts! hee. hee.

alison frm. dallas.