Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Just Now

I just caught a glimpse of the Marcie's referral photo-- a copy of which is sitting on my desk at work. Kind of wedged in between a photo of her with Casey and a photo of her taken around her first birthday. I can see Marcie in there-- in that passport-style, referral photo. Beyond the gummy mouth and pudgy face. Even the photos of Marcie from November, in which she's smiling-- they don't really do my beautiful daughter justice.

She's grown so much in these past 8 months. Yeah, physically. But emotionally, too. Of course she continues to wow us with her ability to follow directions and repeat language. But the thing I love most about Marcie is her smile. When she smiles, it's a deep, full smile. It creeps across her face. It squishes her eyes and brightens her cheeks. It's as if she's given herself over completely to that moment of joy, the one causing the smile. I love it. I love how her smile lights up her entire face-- how it overcomes her.

In many ways, Marcie has a total poker face. But when she smiles-- man, the world is a more beautiful place for it.

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