Thursday, May 10, 2007

Here's to Salud!

When I was in high school Spanish, if someone sneezed, there would be one of two reactions (depending on who your Spanish teacher was). If you had Profe Daubert, it'd be "Jesus" for sneeze one. "Maria" for sneeze two. And "Jose" for sneeze three. (Jesus, Mary, and Joseph) That's how they do things in Spain. But in another teacher's class-- say a teacher trained in Mexico, you'd hear: Salud, dinero, then amor (health, wealth, and love).

Poor Marcie could use some salud wishes heading her way.
She has conjunctivitis. In both eyes. She's not contagious anymore after today, but getting her to take those drops in her eyes is no picnic.

She was healthy for a whole 3 days before she got the eye infection. Those three days came on the heels of 10 days of antibiotics. For a double ear infection and strep throat.

The strep/ear infection came on the heels of 5 days of health. Before that she suffered a two-week stomach bug which resulted in more diapers than I'd like to count and a painful, painful diaper-rash-yeast-infection.

Before the stomach bug, she'd been healthy for about a week. Prior to that, she'd been on antibiotics for 10 days for (I think) an ear infection. She's been sick off and on for so long-- and so it seems like a really long time ago that we saw the doctor for that. But I think that's right.

All of this for a child who's not in daycare. Just with Grandma all day. Go figure. Apparently Casey is bringing home all sorts of goodies from school-- even though he knows from the book that Germs are not for sharing. I am hoping that all this illness will mean that she'll have a nice and healthy year in preschool beginning this fall!

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