Saturday, May 05, 2007

And Casey, too

Casey's pretty cute, too. And we had quite a busy day, today. After I took Marcie to her Little Gym class, I took Casey to his soccer class. Then the three of us ran went to Office Depot so I could get notebooks for my final outlines. The computers were down and it took forever. But Casey didn't really mind because right by the register was a display of flat screen/televisions playing Ice Age. Next we headed out to purchase a birthday present for a party later in the day. As we were driving through the center of town, we discovered the Band Festival going on!

So of course we stopped. This is one of the things I love about living where we live-- these small-town festivals. Anyway, we got out and wandered around a short while, listened to some of the music, and then hopped aboard our local train for a ride around the park. We happened to get on the train when it needed to take on water and blow out steam, and we were right up front-- so the kids watched everything with great interest. The train is 100 years old and runs on diesel fuel (as it always has). Here's Casey posing in front of it:

After the train ride, lunch, and a nap, we had a birthday party. So Casey, Marcie, and I headed over to Casey's friend's house. Marcie was the only little girl there and got quite a bit of attention. There was a bouncy house and ice cream cake and a pinata, which both kids took some swipes at. After all the candy fell and Marcie went around picking it up, she'd pick up a piece and sniff it. If it wasn't chocolate, she'd put it back on the ground and move on until she found another Hershey's miniature.

Later on, after dinner, we went over to Jimbo's to get Casey some "special green apple juice." You might know it as Green Machine by Naked Juice. We're hoping Casey will like it and drink it because it actually has quite a lot of greens in it-- and he just doesn't eat green vegetables. He asked if he could wear his Dash Incredible costume. And really, who are we to stifle his creativity? So we let him. Here is is:

He was dancing around the store when he lost his shoe. He's such a goof-ball sometimes.

And here he is examining an apple. Interestingly, people kept looking at us and smiling. I just thought it was because our kids are so darn cute. It didn't dawn on me until I started writing this entry that it was because of Casey's costume!

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Danielle said...

That Green Machine stuff is AWESOME! I used to drink it when I lived in CA. Haven't been able to find it out here though. And yeah, isn't it funny what we'll do to get vitamins and good food in our kids?!? I make meatloaf by mashing up broccoli and other veggies and hiding them in the meat.