Saturday, May 05, 2007

Beautiful Marcie

I have so many wonderful photos of Marcie. In case you're wondering how she's adjusting, aside from not sleeping through the night still, she's doing pretty darn well.

I have to admit, society really gives girls so many more fashion options than boys. Here's what Marcie's been wearing:

This was a hand-me-down dress from Emma in South Carolina. All day long, people kept pointing at Marcie in her matching hair kerchief. It is cute, isn't it? I just wish I'd snapped the photo before letting her have some chocolate milk from the box. . . Marcie has a similar combo outfit from Casey's birthfamily-- and I can't wait until it really heats up so she can wear it!
This beautiful dress (with petticoat layer thingies) was a gift from my Aunt Joanne in Massachusetts. I was a little worried it wouldn't fit her b/c it's a 24 month sized dress and Marcie is into 2Ts and 3ts already (and sometimes bigger for the shirts!). But it fits. I put her in it for a birthday party we went to last week. Not only is it a super-girly dress, but she was the only female toddler there, so she really stood out. You can seem me helping her stand up on my lap.

And this is what I mean when I say girls really kind of have more options than boys. The previous photo was super-girly. And here, she's in a polo shirt and stretchy pants. And playing with a truck, no less (you go, Marcie!). Marcie is really diverse in her toy interests. Here it's the truck. But then today she essentially asked me for a doll (which, for about $3 I couldn't refuse), which she hugged and hugged and hugged all day long.

And this is us-- Mommy and Marcie. I'm so very, very lucky to be her mom.


Danielle said...

And she's lucky to have you. I miss you guys so much! I wish our kids could grow up together. Big hugs to all of you.

Amanda said...

Simply beautiful! I have been away too long. How happy was I to return to this beautiful essay on loving Marcie, and above Casey, too!

Julie said...

She IS beautiful. And walking now! She looks so happy.