Sunday, June 12, 2011

William Heise

We try to get out to go camping at least once a summer.  Two summers ago we tried RV camping at the beach (we discovered it was akin to extreme tail-gating).  Last year we went camping at a private camp ground, where there was lots to do, but not a lot of individual space or privacy.  So this year we headed up to the “mountains” of nearby Julian.


We went with the usual gang, and last year we remarked at how difficult it seemed for the other two families with little ones.  This year Tate definitely kept us (and everyone else!) on our toes.  It was very cold at night.  That didn’t stop us from having a campfire and enjoying hot chocolate, hot cider and s’mores.



It was super cold in the tent, and Tate was not going down in his pack n play, so he joined us.  In addition to Tate waking me up twice, Casey and Marcie each needed a trip to the bathroom.  And I was coooooold.


This is what Casey and Marcie looked like sleeping.  Did I mention it was cold?

It warmed right up for us on Saturday, though, and we headed off to the Smith Family Ranch for a tour of their gold mine via train, along with panning for gold and some ropes work (you can see the rope bridge behind the horses).  It was a beautiful day.

IMG_4214   IMG_4232IMG_4228

The kids spent the day exploring the woods, playing various games with their stuffed animals, and playing freeze tag.  The Sky Hunters came in the evening along with a falcon and a couple owls and did a presentation at the campground.  And we were close enough to town to get ourselves another sleeping bag to keep us warm the second night.  Casey and Marcie still woke me up to go to the bathroom, but at least I was warm in between trips to the bathroom!

We have a couple more photos on the iphone, but this gives you the basics.  It was fun.  We had plenty of space.  There was stuff to do.  And I think (hope!) it gets easier as Tate gets older.  All in all, another fun summer camping trip!

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Alison said...

looks fun!! but cold! hee hee.