Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer: Week 2

Whew! Another week down.
Here is how Jason kept the kids busy this week:

(Every morning Casey played wii. Every day the kids did one hour of school work-- workbooks, reading, Compass Learning.)

Soccer camp (Marcie)
A trip to urgent care for Tate after Casey knocked him in the eye with a wii-mote. (No stitches required, thankfully.)
An afternoon at Grandma S.'s (no need to take them all to urgent care, right?)

You can see the small mark on his right eye, above. It was fully healed by week's end.

Soccer camp (Marcie)
Playdates for Casey and Marcie with kids from the neighborhood
Tutoring (Casey and Marcie)
Mr. Popper's Penguins (Casey and Marcie)
Special "Mommy time" for Tate (during which we danced, played with cars, practiced sommersaults, enjoyed tickling each other and ate ice cream)

Soccer camp (Marcie)
Library visit (Tate, Casey and Casey's friend)
San Diego Fair

At the peeting zoo at the fair.

Soccer camp (Marcie)
Costco shopping
Afternoon at community pool

Soccer camp (Marcie)
Cleaning out the garage (and finding all sorts of toy treasures for Tate!)
Barbecue and pool party at Casey's friends' house
Sleepovers (Casey away)

Tate insisted on sitting IN the bins and throwing all the toys he found out.

Another busy, busy week. . .

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Janet and Kevin said...

Sounds busy! So sweet to see your little son thriving in his forever family. We travel back to Ch*na in August to adopt our daughter. Before we get to her province, we will be staying a few days at Shepherd's Field! So excited!

janet, kevin, ted, philip, eli, and waiting for sophia yilin