Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer - Week 1

How do you keep the kids busy all day, every day?
Well, here's how Jason did it during Week 1 of summer:

Every day: video games before breakfast and one hour of school work (some days this was workbooks, some days flashcards, and some days Compass Learning).

Monday:  Library, Subway and bike riding at the park.
June 2011 iphone 014

Tuesday: Swimming, tutoring, and a playdate for Marcie.

Birthday dinner celebration at Red Robin (yum!) for our nephew/cousin.

June 2011 iphone 002

Wednesday:  Playdate for Casey, trip to Costco with a pizza snack.

Thursday:   Viewing of Back to the Future.
Bike riding at the park and a special dinner treat (McDonald's and frozen yogurt)

June 2011 iphone 013

Friday:  Legoland Sea Life (thanks to our friends for sharing their free passes with us!)

Ice cream sundaes for dessert and a sleepover for Casey.

June 2011 iphone 011

By the time I get home, the kids are wiped out. Not sure how Jason does it.


Johnny said...

It is mind boggling what SAHparents have to pepare for.

Alison said...

Jason has them on a good schedule. It seems more organized than a day camp!