Monday, June 13, 2011


This is our first summer "home."

Well, not exactly-- I mean up until I left teaching in the classroom, I had every summer of my life technically "home." But not so for our kids. For the past few summers, they have either been in year-round preschool or Extended School Services (ESS), which is basically daycare for school-aged kids. The ESS program is really well-organized and sounds like a lot of fun to me-- swimming, a movie, and a field trip every week. But our kids wanted absolutely nothing to do with anything called "camp" this summer. (I did talk Marcie into one week of soccer camp and Casey into one week of baseball camp.) So home it is.

Jason "negotiated" one hour of schoolwork each day (he started the "talks" at four hours per day). They came home from the school year with incomplete workbooks, so that's where they are starting. Then they will move onto the workbooks recommended by our school (to keep them up to speed, not to get ahead). I told Casey I would pay him to memorize his addition, multiplication, and subtraction tables through 12. I told him I'd pay him $1 per number to learn them. (It will be $36 well spent.) And the kids will work with a tutor once a week this summer.

Today is day one of summer:

Today I went to work.

Today the kids: cleaned their rooms, completed one hour of schoolwork, went to the public library for story time (and to check out books),and went to the park to play with friends. Tate took a little tumble and banged up his nose. (The coloring is not great, but you get the idea.)

After Tate's nap, they went to our neighborhood park with their bikes. Marcie is now training-wheel-free!

By the time I got home from work, the kids were completely wiped out.

I hope Jason keeps his sanity this summer.


Johnny said...

Out of the blue, my wife decided that handwriting homework starts this week.

My wife has good plans, but not great follow through. You'll probably be more successful.

Janet and Kevin said...

Looks like it will be a great summer for you all. Poor Tate. I hope his nose heals quickly! Those accidents happen so fast, don't they?!!

We are awaiting our Article 5, then TA, then off to China to bring home our daughter. We will be staying at PHF for a few nights and taking our Philip with us. He lived there for the first three years of his life. He is so excited to visit with his former nannies. We are, too!

If, by chance, you would like us to deliver anything to Shepherd's Field when we travel there, e-mail me at We are taking a few extra suitcases filled with donations to take to the Children's Village, and I have been getting the word out to fellow PHF families.

janet, kevin, ted, philip, and elijah