Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It never feels good to get a phone call from the school during the school day. (I say this like it's happened to me a lot; it hasn't.) In those few seconds before I picked it up, my head sort of spun and my stomach lurched. Casey gave no indication that he wasn't feeling well this morning. And school was to end just about an hour after the phone call.

The worried voice on the other end revealed that Casey had been stung by a bee. On the tip of pointer finger. He was resting comfortably with ice on it. They let him talk to me on the phone ("It hurts a LOT, Mommy," he said, sounding all of a sudden very small.)

Of course the school was worried. And how responsible of them to call. She'd checked his file and noted that we didn't mention any bee allergies.

Of course I thanked them for the call. Casey is not allergic to bees. He's been stung before-- in fact, I think it was on his pointer finger. That time, though, he poked the bee, so it was kind of his fault.

Anyway, he's fine. Or he will be. But you know how kids are around bees-- no matter how much you tell them to stand still, they flip out and that just makes them a bigger target. . .

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