Saturday, January 30, 2010

Casey's Rock'n Bowlers Birthday Bash

I didn't get a ton of photos-- at least not good ones-- in part because the kids were all over the place at the party. But Casey did have a good time. The kids seemed to like the t-shirts we made as party favors. They were skeptical about the silly putty we handed out as a "thank you for coming" party favor gift at the end, but we were fine with that. There was plenty of pizza and french fries and lemonade and cake. And lots of friendly competition and laughter, too.

Casey bowled a 76 his first game- and in the last frame, one of his friends came from behind to end with a 77. The highest score among the kids was an 86, which is pretty impressive for a bunch of 7 year olds.

Here are some photos. I'll upload a video of his lotus candle on the birthday cake (we were careful to have everyone move balloons out of the way, but I put a few other candles too close to the big one and had to move them because they were catching the petals on fire!).

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:::d::: said...

Those t-shirts were a great idea! They are very cute.