Saturday, January 02, 2010

Getting Busy Organizing

We spent New Year's Day together as a family, mostly just hanging out. We went to the Wild Animal Park, where we watched the cheetahs actually chase down some crows. Here we are (unfortunately, Casey closed his eyes just in time for the photo):

And then today, I decided it was time to start organizing. People who know me think I'm a highly organized person (I am, actually, just not physically.) But the truth is that I have a very high tolerance for clutter. In fact, as I type, there is only enough space on my desk for my arms and my keypad. The rest of the desk is covered with stuff-- mostly plugs and documents that need to be filed or shredded. But I'm too lazy to take care of it. Keeping things tidy takes effort. And someone who cares.

In any case, after looking back through photo after photo of the kids at the kitchen table with a cluttered mess behind them on the kitchen counter, I got serious. Here was the result:

I have no idea if we'll be able to keep it this way. But I'm willing to try. It may seem a little ridiculous to you-- but we don't have an office "nook" in our kitchen. And we need to keep homework and school supplies, batteries, scissors and stamps, coupons and gift cards-- all that sort of stuff-- close at hand. I'm hopeful this will do the trick.

Next I'm tackling the bedroom. Then the office. Wish me luck.


:::d::: said...

This is my new year's resolution! I have almost six years of life sitting in a pile on the office floor that I need to file.

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