Friday, January 01, 2010

The Flight to NC

The kids and I traveled on in advance of Jason, who couldn't leave until the red eye on the 23rd because he started a new job this year and didn't have the vacation time. The flight was a non-stop. We scuttled through security without a hitch, and then each kiddo got a Starbucks hot chocolate to sip while we waited. And they cherished those drinks. First, they unloaded their winter coats and backpacks into my arms, already full with my jacket and my purse. And then they more or less skipped their way down the corridor to our gate, while I shuffled on behind them like a pack mule.

We did encounter two interesting China-related comments on our way to North Carolina. The first came from someone watching me in Starbucks, who inquired directly whether Marcie is adopted from China. I said she was, a little surprised by the question-- which is rarely asked of me. The woman explained that she has a younger sister, also adopted from China. The second question was from a flight attendant on our trip, who asked if my husband is Chinese. "Indeed he is," I responded. She actually wasn't trying to be nosey so much as she was trying to figure out if I was a coworker's wife (apparently the co-worker is Chinese).

In any event, the kids were well-occupied by their Nintendo DS, Leapster and DVD player, not to mention the Oreos and Twizzlers we purchased en route. And they were in good spirits when we landed and were greeted by their grandparents. We zoomed off to their home, where we had some dinner and watched Prep and Landing, our favorite Christmas special of the season. (Casey keeps calling it Crap and Landing, which makes me laugh.) Their cousins from San Francisco arrived an hour or so after we did, so they all went to bed in the "bunk room" together that night. Their San Diego cousins arrived early the next morning, and then the ruckus began.

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