Thursday, April 05, 2007

Grandma's in Town . . .

so move over Mommy, 'cause "I want Grandma!" is the newest chant heard in the S. home.

My mom arrived last night after the kids were in bed. Marcie in her big-girl bed-- the one Grandma will be sleeping in this weekend. Casey in his bed, too. We managed to move Marcie to the pack n play in our room without waking her, and she dozed until about 10 to 6 this morning, blessedly. Likewise, Casey slept through the night in his own room. Hallelujah! That marks three nights in a row that both kids have sleep essentially through the night in their own beds.

Now for those of you who are family-bed people-- good for you. I'm not. Sleep is somewhat sacred to me. Like food. I'd give either of them up for my kids if I needed to, but the thing is that I don't. They get plenty of food. And there is no good reason for either of them to be up all hours of the night. Sleeping with us just doesn't work-- three (or four) in a queen sized bed is just too many. All that rolling and kicking and kneading. And me in bed with them? Well it removes the space issue, but if I'm sleeping with one of them, then I'm not sleeping with my husband. And that's just not good for anybody in the family! So trudge forward I must, angling to get my kiddos to sleep soundly in their own beds. Anyway, I'm of the opinion (I must have read it somewhere once) that three nights makes a pattern, so I'm celebrating! How? By sleeping, of course!

This morning it was still dark when we rolled out of my room at 6:00am. (Seriously, what is up with that? Between morning darkness and San Diego spring weather in the '60s, I'm really beginning to question the effects of global warming! Even if neither has to do with this complaint, I'm still questioning the effects!) I was trying to keep Casey and Marcie quiet so they wouldn't wake up Grandma. But she was already awake (we could see the light on under her bedroom door). I managed to keep Casey from barging in, and we just knocked.

Casey is delighted to have a playmate in the home-- one who gives him plenty of individualized attention. Marcie is . . . well, less sure. She did give my mom a high five, though. And that's always a good sign. And later on, after she'd eaten the small snack I gave her to tide her over until breakfast, she managed to convince Grandma to give her some Life cereal by doing the sign for "more" and holding out the little bowl she had in her hand. Sneaky little thing!

Just as well it took her a while to warm up-- it gave Casey some special time with Grandma. Like when I told him I'd race him to the bathroom so he could brush his teeth. And he told me:
"No! I don't want Mommy. I want Grandma. Grandma help brush the teeth." And he closed the bathroom door in my face.

I guess if I'm going to play second fiddle to someone, it may as well be my mom. :)

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