Monday, January 29, 2007

COFFEE TO THE PEOPLE: San Francisco's Best Coffeehouse


(I'm using the word we quite loosely.)

To all of you who got online and voted for Coffee to the People as the AOL Cityguide best coffeehouse in San Francisco-- whether you learned about the voting through this blog or not-- thank you.

Hopefully this award will bring through more foot traffic-- more tourists, more regulars, just plain-old more people. Even though the owners have done a terrific job opening the joint and running it for the past year and half, mom & pop business are hard to keep afloat (and that's being generous).

So don't assume that just because they won this award, they are rolling in the dough. They welcome your patronage. They thrive on it. This isn't just a business to them, this is their dream. So please help keep it alive, and next time you're in San Francisco, stop on by the Haight District and pop in for some java and conversation. Or just java.

And spread the word.

And thanks again!

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