Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Milk, Mommy!

This morning:
Me: Okay, Casey, while you finish brushing your teeth, I'm going to help Marcie get dressed.

Casey: Okay Mommy.

Me (thinking): Hmm. This is odd. He's not arguing with me. . .

Me (to Marcie): Good morning, Sweetheart!

Marcie: Eh. Eh. Eh.

Casey (while I walk past with Marcie): MARCIE!

While I was preparing Marcie's bottle:

Casey: I want milk.

Me: In your cereal?

Casey: No. In cup. With lid. Like Marcie.

Me: Ok. Just a second. (I pour Casey a cup half full of milk while he runs off, distracted by some toy. Then I sit down to feed Marcie in her sippy cup.)

Casey: I want milk.

Me: It's on the counter, Casey. (Marcie finishes her milk. Yes, that fast. She drinks the whole sippy cup full in about 1 minute-- maybe even less. I think she might hold a record. . .)

Casey: I want hot, Mommy.

Me: You want me to heat it up?

Casey: Yes please. And top.

Me: Okay. (I microwave the milk and put the lid on it, thinking about how crazy it is to put the lid on it with the stopper because despite Marcie's amazing sucking ability, Casey still can't suck liquid from a sippy with a stopper.)

Casey (as I hand him the cup): Sit down, Mommy.

Me: Why?

Casey: Like Marcie. Sit down.

I sit down and he crawls up on my lap, so he can be just like Marcie.

Marcie: Up! Up!

Casey: NO! No, Marcie! Casey's turn!

Me (to Casey): Casey, I let you sit on my lap when Marcie's eating, so you need to share my lap with Marcie.

Casey: (No comment)

Marcie: Eh.

But you know what? It was the best feeling. Sitting there, holding my two most precious gifts. And on a weekday no less. How lucky am I to steal a moment like that on a weekday morning.

And in case you're wondering-- no, Casey wasn't actually able to get any of the milk out of the cup. But don't worry, he had plenty of milk in his cereal bowl!

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Anonymous said...

what a great story. am feeling very verklempt right now, so it was fun to read something positive.

alison frm dallas.