Saturday, December 30, 2006

Finally the Christmas Trip Photos

Picasa (owned by Google) has a new feature that I think beats Flikr, so I'm going to try it here. Let's see how easy it is to view the photos from our trip to North Carolina, including the captions, by using Picasa's web album. You should be able to see all about our Christmas Eve Eve (December 23rd) by clicking the picture below. If you want to watch the slide show (with the captions embedded in the photos!), just select "slide show" in the upper left corner of the photo page of the Web Album. Enjoy!

And here is Christmas Eve:

And here is Christmas Day:

I didn't take any photos the day after Christmas. I spent pretty much the entire day holding Marcie, who was uncomfortable with a new cold. But here are photos from the 27th and 28th:

And here are the photos from the 29th, our last day with the family in 2006:

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