Thursday, December 28, 2006

Poor Baby-- Updated

Literally. Marcie has not been feeling so hot. Other than her constipation experience, I've never seen her so very miserable. She sits in my lap and just whines in pain. We've been alternating Motrin and Tylenol, which has helped keep the fever down, but now we are on day three of a fever-- at 101, so we are off in search of an urgent care facility. Her whole body looks raw, she is so red with heat. And she's pretty listless. Poor baby. At least she was healthy on Christmas day to experience that!

So after just about an hour at urgent care, we have been able to dose up Marcie with an antibiotic for her double ear infection. I asked the doctor if we need to have her checked out before we fly home tomorrow-- or if she can even fly tomorrow at all. He said we brought her in very early; her ears are nowhere near rupture (thank goodness) and after a couple doses of the antibiotic, she should be back to her usual self.

Here's what was interesting (and suspicious): He said we don't need to alternate the Tylenol and Motrin like we have been-- said that's the "old school" way. Said studies now show that Motrin is more effective because it reduces inflamation in addition to be a pain reliever. Now, there is no question that the Motrin has had a better effect on Marcie than the Tylenol. But I was under the impression that we alternate so that she doesn't build up a tolerance to the Motrin. So I'll have to ask our pediatrician when we get home. In the meantime, after just one dose of Motrin and one dose of the antibiotic, Marcie is in much better spirits (though she has a gross and snotty nose).

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Ron and Julie said...

Oh poor Marcie! I hope she feels better soon! It is good to know about the Motrin. I think we will switch to that instead of the Tylenol. When you go to your pediatrician will you ask if one is harder on the stomach? Ron wants to know what part of NC you are visiting.