Friday, December 08, 2006

News from Marcie's Orphanage: Chongqing Yunyang Chengxiang SWI

When our group was in China, we all chipped in to buy a digital camera for Marcie's orphanage. The digital camera is for taking photos of the orphanage, and more importantly for taking photos of the children so that families waiting for travel authorization can get updated information during the wait.

Today we got a thank you message from the orphanage forwarded by our agency. Here is what it said:

Our orphanage had received the donation of 2630 RMB. We had spent the money 1780 to buy a digital camera and babyoutfits of 850 RMB to help our orphanage abandoned and orphans. Your love brought them the hope and helped keep their life moments. (photos attached).

On behalf of our orphanage, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to you.

Best Regards,
Chongqing Yunyang Chenxiang Social Welfare Institute
October 30, 2006

Even though the note specifies the money spent on the camera, Marie (our guide) actually purchased the camera and showed it to us before delivering it to the orphanage. In any event, here were the photos they sent with the note (I've left them full size in case someone who wants pictures of the orphanage for their child can use the images):

This is a photo of the entrance to the Yunyang Chengxiange Social Welfare Institute (where Marcie lived from age one week to age 9 months)

This is a photo of the one of the rooms where the babies sleep. You can see in this photo that the children are a little older because they are sleeping with one child in each crib. In some of the photos we got back from our disposable camera, there were shots of two or three girls in a crib, but they were standing up, and that leads me to wonder if they were placed there just for the photos. . .

This is a photo of some of the blankets and clothing our meager donation provided.

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Julie said...

Karen that is so great to hear from the orphanage. They were very good about using the disposable cameras we sent to take pictures of the orphanage. If you ever find the link to the website rumored to be started please let me know!