Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Hello February

I feel like I work at a pretty family-friendly place. For a law firm.
  • They are generous with parent leave for adoption.
  • They are generous with paid paternity leave.
  • They provide "back-up care" for employees so that we can have a nanny come to the house so we can work.
  • They encourage telecommuting and offer good technology support.
But this month was a real doozy for me.
Pretty much the only day I did not do any work was the day I had the food poisoning/stomach flu thing going on.
There were days I didn't see the kids at all. And not because I was traveling.

But after months like this, I feel just terribly guilty. Especially when the kids are calling me at work and asking me if I can at least come home by 7:59 pm to kiss them good night and then go back to work. Or when I call to check in and hear Tate screaming in the background.

Glad that's over.

Hello February.

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Keely said...

I hope February is less crazy for you and you get a little family time!