Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby Steps

Tate took his first steps on Christmas morning, so I could be with him. And cherish the moment. And, of course, document it on my iphone. But unless we set him down and coax him, he hasn't had much interest in walking. And that's been fine with us-- after all, walking means more confidence and that leads to climbing, and you can see where I'm going.

Tonight when I came home, after he made a crawling bee-line for me, I put him down in the kitchen so I could put batteries in Marcie's glo-mate. He pushed himself up and walked across the entire kitchen to me. It was amazing.

Tate has other big changes coming soon.

We finally have a surgery date to repair his cleft palate. February 11. We'll be in the hospital for two nights with him. As you might imagine, I have quite a lot of anxiety about this surgery. It means putting my littlest boy under anesthesia. We, like other parents who have gone through this before us, are pinning all our hopes (for now) on the success of this surgery. There's kind of a lot at stake for little Tate.

Please keep him in your thoughts.


william2233 said...

nice blog, from a children author

Janet and Kevin said...

We will be praying for Tate. Our Elijah, the son we were in China receiving when I got to hold your son, had palate surgery last June. Praying for a wonderful outcome and that the doctors will be successful in what they intend to do! Praying also for Tate's comfort during and after the surgery. It is a difficult one for them, but the difference is that he will have you to hold him throughout his recovery.

Hugs to you all,
Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and Elijah